Remember all the momentos you collected as a child and how you lovingly placed them in a treasure box, and then hid the box in a save and secret place. Remember how you carefully put all your photos cards and letters in the box, and maybe a ring, plus things you found, and a dried flower from a school mate you were secretly in love with and hoped to marry one day.

Then you left home, started a career and enjoyed life. The day eventually came when you moved on and discovered your childhood treasure box by chance.
Suddenly all the treasures were there again with their happy memories and emotions.

Our foliobox is nothing else: a luxurious treasure box full of stunning photographic memories. It can be filled with all kind of pictures – families and children, pets, or beautiful images of you captured during a glamour photo shoot.
A foliobox is the best memory gift you can give to yourself and to your children. It is a much better option for storing and presenting your photos than saving them among thousands of selfies on your computer.
It’s an everlasting memory in a high quality luxurious package.

Give us a call and we will discuss with you how your folio treasure box could look.
Still and Moving Pictures: email: Phone: 021-268 9637.

The answer is simple: it’s beautiful and it might change the way you look at yourself.

A portrait photo shoot with Still and Moving Pictures is an experience of self-value and discovering your beauty in a new way. It’s lots of fun and a perfect way to treat yourself.
As your photographer I want to give you portraits that look as if they were published in Vanity Fair or in Vogue magazine. You may laugh now and think, “Oh no, this is not for me, I don’t have the shape of a supermodel”, or “I am too old for that and I am not photogenic.“
Don’t worry. I don’t want you to be on the front page of Vanity Fair. My aim is to give you the best pictures you have ever seen of yourself. Pictures you will be very proud of or where your true beauty shines through, and pictures you will look at in ten or 20 years and think, “Yes, not bad! That’s how I looked when I was 40.” Or if you’re older, maybe your grandchildren will look at the photos and say, “This is my grandmother, I’m so proud of her.” Sometimes it needs somebody else to point out how beautiful you are.
When you decide to do a portrait shoot with me, we’ll first discuss your needs and how you would like to be photographed. This includes what you would like to wear, what fashion style you would like, how you would like your hair and make-up to be done and if you want to come on your own or bring a friend or a family member.

On the day of the shoot we do everything to make you feel comfortable and spoiled. You get a full makeover and together we will decide which of your outfits will be best for the photo shoot. The make-up session usually takes 1 -1,5 hours.
When taking the pictures I guide you through the whole process. You don’t have to
worry or be nervous about anything. I direct you and we have lots of fun, treating you like a celebrity with your styled hair and beautiful outfits.
I love doing this, because I know how much self-confidence my photos will give you. I want you to shine, be sexy, be elegant, be radiant, be pretty, be fashionable and just be a wonderful woman, because you are! The poses I show you align perfectly to the shape of your body. So if you’re a more curvy woman, we make you look gorgeous. It’s very easy to follow my instructions and you will have fun posing like a model. The shoot itself takes approximately one hour.

A week after the photo shoot, the big reveal occurs. You can peruse through the lovely photos, selecting the ones you wish to keep. Our beautiful luxury folioboxes are a great way to preserve magical memories. But of course we can also frame your pictures or print them on canvas.

If you have any questions please call me, I am happy to talk about the perfect photo shoot for you. Still and Moving Pictures, call Susanne on 021-26 89 637.





I’m not pretty enough; I’m not slim enough; I’m too old; Do you really think you can take a good picture of my face? My eyes are so small, my nose is too big etc. As a portrait photographer, I hear a lot women’s complaints about their faces and their body. I am so happy when they decide to get a portrait done, because this is what I hear after the shoot: “Wow, that’s me?!” Yes, it is, and other people around them won’t be surprised, because they already know that they’re beautiful. Women tend to concentrate on their imperfect aspects much more than on the positives. But there is so much more in a woman’s face than seamless beauty. Your eyes, for example. I don’t know any woman who hasn’t got wonderful eyes. Especially when they think of someone they love. And the lips… look at yours: aren’t they beautifully shaped? You just thought about the tiny little wrinkles above the lip line (nobody else realises), didn’t you? You see, don’t concentrate on little faults. By the way, everybody of a certain age has got them (me too…) and there’s nothing wrong with it. In fact, it makes you look even more interesting and wise. Smile and they are gone, anyway. If you highlight your eyes and lips with some make-up for example and emphasize these very feminine parts of you, there is no doubt that you’ll look lovely and feel confident in yourself. Why not try it out as a practice and remember to see the good things in yourself and not just the so-called unacceptable things. You’re beautiful! This is the feeling I’d like to create in you. I want you to be in balance with yourself, feeling wonderful, strong and radiant, with or without make-up.

In my photo sessions we give you a full make-over: nice natural make-up or if you like, a magazine-style fashion look, and we do your hair and really pamper you. Then you slip into one of the stunning dresses you brought to the shoot and I direct you how to pose. Just you and me. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere. All the women I’ve photographed become familiar with posing very easily. You just have to follow my advice. There is nothing you can do wrong. We’ll also take pictures of you in another outfit or you can accessorise with a hat or an elegant scarf. Do you have any hobbies that can inspire our shoot or do you have picture in mind of how you would like to see yourself? Very sexy, elegant, more hippie-like or just in jeans and T-shirt? Do you like the crisp look of a studio image or do you prefer a picture outdoors? Together we create beautiful photos that will change the way you see yourself.

Getting curious? Give me a call and we talk about how you would like to be photographed.
Susanne: 021-26 89 637.



I guess you immediately thought, “My Mum means everything to me.” We usually have a very tight relationship with our mother. She knows us and she loves us unconditionally –  no matter what happens. In return, we love her for all the little things she has done for us (during) our whole life. Well, sometimes we wish she wouldn’t treat us as if we were still 12 years old and unable to decide things on our own, but as I have learnt so far, for my mother, I am always her little girl (and for my Dad too).

My mother lives 18,000 km away from me, because I followed my heart and now live with a Kiwi man in New Zealand. “You couldn’t find anybody living further away from Germany than him?”, she asked me when I mentioned him the first time. She cried a lot when I told her that I would go to New Zealand for good, and every time I say goodbye to my parents after I visit them, they stand at the airport and we all cry. This has never changed. Although I love my partner dearly and am very happy in New Zealand, and even though I skype every week with my parents, I do miss them. I’ve got this photo on my desk, so my mother is here with me in spirit. But unfortunately,  I haven’t got any picture just of me and my Mum. I definitely will get one taken next time I go back to Germany. I really regret that I have never asked a photographer colleague to capture professional pictures of  the special relationship between my Mum and me.

This is my story and I write it with tears in my eyes, because my Mum was upset on the phone that she hasn’t got a picture of me and her either.
If you feel you would like to experience a photo shoot just with your Mum and yourself, give me call and we can talk about how I can give you the perfect memory – a memory for you and your Mum. You can also give your daughter the best memory for her life. She will look at the photos when she is grown up and think back on a fun shoot with full makeover and gorgeous outfits with her Mum. And believe me,  this picture won’t vanish in the archives of your smart phone. It’s a timeless print.

I always have the feeling that people are more anxious about wearing the right clothes for their family pictures than about the photo shoot itself. It’s very important to discuss your clothes with your family photographer at the time of booking the shoot so you can relax about this aspect. There are just a few guidelines to follow and in the end, you should wear what you feel comfortable in.

It’s actually very easy to get the best results for your family shoot if  you think ahead, and keep the following things in mind:
First of all, you should be relaxed and choose what works best for you. Not too casual, but also not overdressed. Wear something you feel beautiful in and dress your kids to look cute and natural, but not too adult-like.

Coordinate, but don’t match too much. Some people like it when the whole family wears blue jeans and white shirts; it gives this ‘all for one and one for all’ impression, but can also look a bit too uniform-like. You should choose colours that fit with your usual colour scheme. It’s always advisable to choose clothes for everyone that compliment each other. Combine soft colours like beige, grey or white with blue or brown. (Personally, I like white especially on the beach). Split up the colours, so that someone is wearing blue jeans and someone else has got a blue top.

Don’t wear shirts with patterns or big images or letters. This can be very distracting in a photo. Layers and accessories add dimensions and give the picture a bit more life. You can play around with a hat, wear a fancy scarf or a belt. Also make sure your shoes go with your outfit and that they are clean.In general, choose classic timeless clothes. Your family photos will be a memory for a lifetime. Ask your photographer which background they have in mind. Your clothes should set you apart from the background. Or for example, if your shoot takes place in front of a sunset, the family would look amazing in blues and yellows as they are a great contrast to the sunset colours.

You might laugh, but it’s also important to think about where you’ll hang the pictures. Do the colours of your clothes fit with your living room decor? But don’t worry, you don’t have to match the sofa!

Plan ahead. There’s nothing worse than finding out two hours before the shoot that you have nothing to wear. As a mother, don’t think of yourself last. We want you to look beautiful next to your husband and children, but also not too overdressed as if you’re going out for a gala or a business event.And don’t be shy to ask your photographer anything about your outfit. And if you don’t like the colours in the end, we can always turn the picture into black and white ; ).