What to Wear for a Family Shoot

March 10, 2017 14:27  /  by Susanne Loesser

I always have the feeling that people are more anxious about wearing the right clothes for their family pictures than about the photo shoot itself. It’s very important to discuss your clothes with your family photographer at the time of booking the shoot so you can relax about this aspect. There are just a few guidelines to follow and in the end, you should wear what you feel comfortable in.

It’s actually very easy to get the best results for your family shoot if  you think ahead, and keep the following things in mind:
First of all, you should be relaxed and choose what works best for you. Not too casual, but also not overdressed. Wear something you feel beautiful in and dress your kids to look cute and natural, but not too adult-like.

Coordinate, but don’t match too much. Some people like it when the whole family wears blue jeans and white shirts; it gives this ‘all for one and one for all’ impression, but can also look a bit too uniform-like. You should choose colours that fit with your usual colour scheme. It’s always advisable to choose clothes for everyone that compliment each other. Combine soft colours like beige, grey or white with blue or brown. (Personally, I like white especially on the beach). Split up the colours, so that someone is wearing blue jeans and someone else has got a blue top.

Don’t wear shirts with patterns or big images or letters. This can be very distracting in a photo. Layers and accessories add dimensions and give the picture a bit more life. You can play around with a hat, wear a fancy scarf or a belt. Also make sure your shoes go with your outfit and that they are clean.In general, choose classic timeless clothes. Your family photos will be a memory for a lifetime. Ask your photographer which background they have in mind. Your clothes should set you apart from the background. Or for example, if your shoot takes place in front of a sunset, the family would look amazing in blues and yellows as they are a great contrast to the sunset colours.

You might laugh, but it’s also important to think about where you’ll hang the pictures. Do the colours of your clothes fit with your living room decor? But don’t worry, you don’t have to match the sofa!

Plan ahead. There’s nothing worse than finding out two hours before the shoot that you have nothing to wear. As a mother, don’t think of yourself last. We want you to look beautiful next to your husband and children, but also not too overdressed as if you’re going out for a gala or a business event.And don’t be shy to ask your photographer anything about your outfit. And if you don’t like the colours in the end, we can always turn the picture into black and white ; ).