What is a contemporary magazine-style photo shoot?

June 25, 2017 16:10  /  by Susanne Loesser

The answer is simple: it’s beautiful and it might change the way you look at yourself.

A portrait photo shoot with Still and Moving Pictures is an experience of self-value and discovering your beauty in a new way. It’s lots of fun and a perfect way to treat yourself.
As your photographer I want to give you portraits that look as if they were published in Vanity Fair or in Vogue magazine. You may laugh now and think, “Oh no, this is not for me, I don’t have the shape of a supermodel”, or “I am too old for that and I am not photogenic.“
Don’t worry. I don’t want you to be on the front page of Vanity Fair. My aim is to give you the best pictures you have ever seen of yourself. Pictures you will be very proud of or where your true beauty shines through, and pictures you will look at in ten or 20 years and think, “Yes, not bad! That’s how I looked when I was 40.” Or if you’re older, maybe your grandchildren will look at the photos and say, “This is my grandmother, I’m so proud of her.” Sometimes it needs somebody else to point out how beautiful you are.
When you decide to do a portrait shoot with me, we’ll first discuss your needs and how you would like to be photographed. This includes what you would like to wear, what fashion style you would like, how you would like your hair and make-up to be done and if you want to come on your own or bring a friend or a family member.

On the day of the shoot we do everything to make you feel comfortable and spoiled. You get a full makeover and together we will decide which of your outfits will be best for the photo shoot. The make-up session usually takes 1 -1,5 hours.
When taking the pictures I guide you through the whole process. You don’t have to
worry or be nervous about anything. I direct you and we have lots of fun, treating you like a celebrity with your styled hair and beautiful outfits.
I love doing this, because I know how much self-confidence my photos will give you. I want you to shine, be sexy, be elegant, be radiant, be pretty, be fashionable and just be a wonderful woman, because you are! The poses I show you align perfectly to the shape of your body. So if you’re a more curvy woman, we make you look gorgeous. It’s very easy to follow my instructions and you will have fun posing like a model. The shoot itself takes approximately one hour.

A week after the photo shoot, the big reveal occurs. You can peruse through the lovely photos, selecting the ones you wish to keep. Our beautiful luxury folioboxes are a great way to preserve magical memories. But of course we can also frame your pictures or print them on canvas.

If you have any questions please call me, I am happy to talk about the perfect photo shoot for you. Still and Moving Pictures, call Susanne on 021-26 89 637.