What does your mother mean to you?

April 8, 2017 14:14  /  by Susanne Loesser


I guess you immediately thought, “My Mum means everything to me.” We usually have a very tight relationship with our mother. She knows us and she loves us unconditionally –  no matter what happens. In return, we love her for all the little things she has done for us (during) our whole life. Well, sometimes we wish she wouldn’t treat us as if we were still 12 years old and unable to decide things on our own, but as I have learnt so far, for my mother, I am always her little girl (and for my Dad too).

My mother lives 18,000 km away from me, because I followed my heart and now live with a Kiwi man in New Zealand. “You couldn’t find anybody living further away from Germany than him?”, she asked me when I mentioned him the first time. She cried a lot when I told her that I would go to New Zealand for good, and every time I say goodbye to my parents after I visit them, they stand at the airport and we all cry. This has never changed. Although I love my partner dearly and am very happy in New Zealand, and even though I skype every week with my parents, I do miss them. I’ve got this photo on my desk, so my mother is here with me in spirit. But unfortunately,  I haven’t got any picture just of me and my Mum. I definitely will get one taken next time I go back to Germany. I really regret that I have never asked a photographer colleague to capture professional pictures of  the special relationship between my Mum and me.

This is my story and I write it with tears in my eyes, because my Mum was upset on the phone that she hasn’t got a picture of me and her either.
If you feel you would like to experience a photo shoot just with your Mum and yourself, give me call and we can talk about how I can give you the perfect memory – a memory for you and your Mum. You can also give your daughter the best memory for her life. She will look at the photos when she is grown up and think back on a fun shoot with full makeover and gorgeous outfits with her Mum. And believe me,  this picture won’t vanish in the archives of your smart phone. It’s a timeless print.