The Fear of Not Being Good Enough.

May 25, 2017 15:18  /  by Susanne Loesser

I’m not pretty enough; I’m not slim enough; I’m too old; Do you really think you can take a good picture of my face? My eyes are so small, my nose is too big etc. As a portrait photographer, I hear a lot women’s complaints about their faces and their body. I am so happy when they decide to get a portrait done, because this is what I hear after the shoot: “Wow, that’s me?!” Yes, it is, and other people around them won’t be surprised, because they already know that they’re beautiful. Women tend to concentrate on their imperfect aspects much more than on the positives. But there is so much more in a woman’s face than seamless beauty. Your eyes, for example. I don’t know any woman who hasn’t got wonderful eyes. Especially when they think of someone they love. And the lips… look at yours: aren’t they beautifully shaped? You just thought about the tiny little wrinkles above the lip line (nobody else realises), didn’t you? You see, don’t concentrate on little faults. By the way, everybody of a certain age has got them (me too…) and there’s nothing wrong with it. In fact, it makes you look even more interesting and wise. Smile and they are gone, anyway. If you highlight your eyes and lips with some make-up for example and emphasize these very feminine parts of you, there is no doubt that you’ll look lovely and feel confident in yourself. Why not try it out as a practice and remember to see the good things in yourself and not just the so-called unacceptable things. You’re beautiful! This is the feeling I’d like to create in you. I want you to be in balance with yourself, feeling wonderful, strong and radiant, with or without make-up.

In my photo sessions we give you a full make-over: nice natural make-up or if you like, a magazine-style fashion look, and we do your hair and really pamper you. Then you slip into one of the stunning dresses you brought to the shoot and I direct you how to pose. Just you and me. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere. All the women I’ve photographed become familiar with posing very easily. You just have to follow my advice. There is nothing you can do wrong. We’ll also take pictures of you in another outfit or you can accessorise with a hat or an elegant scarf. Do you have any hobbies that can inspire our shoot or do you have picture in mind of how you would like to see yourself? Very sexy, elegant, more hippie-like or just in jeans and T-shirt? Do you like the crisp look of a studio image or do you prefer a picture outdoors? Together we create beautiful photos that will change the way you see yourself.

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