Our Folioboxes Become Your Modern Treasure Box

September 7, 2017 15:23  /  by Susanne Loesser

Remember all the momentos you collected as a child and how you lovingly placed them in a treasure box, and then hid the box in a save and secret place. Remember how you carefully put all your photos cards and letters in the box, and maybe a ring, plus things you found, and a dried flower from a school mate you were secretly in love with and hoped to marry one day.

Then you left home, started a career and enjoyed life. The day eventually came when you moved on and discovered your childhood treasure box by chance.
Suddenly all the treasures were there again with their happy memories and emotions.

Our foliobox is nothing else: a luxurious treasure box full of stunning photographic memories. It can be filled with all kind of pictures – families and children, pets, or beautiful images of you captured during a glamour photo shoot.
A foliobox is the best memory gift you can give to yourself and to your children. It is a much better option for storing and presenting your photos than saving them among thousands of selfies on your computer.
It’s an everlasting memory in a high quality luxurious package.

Give us a call and we will discuss with you how your folio treasure box could look.
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